The Joy of Painting Figures – presentation

I had planned to write something on painting woodgrain textures today, but I ran into some problems and didn’t get around to it. So, in lieu of an actual article, I’m going to throw up a link to a presentation I made on painting figures at a local IPMS meeting this week.

In short, I feel that figure painting can be an intimidating thing for a lot of scale modellers, and I see a lot of comments on the scale model internet to that effect. Flesh tones aren’t a uniform colour like the glacis plate of a Panzer IV, and people who paint figures tend to worry a lot more about things like lighting and colour theory than someone trying to make an exact replica of something, only tinier.

That is not to say that figure painters are better than traditional scale modellers. The sheer number of pieces and the level of detail in a model kit with all the aftermarket bling in it can get rather insane, not to mention the historical research involved to make it as exact a representation of the subject as possible.

The goal of this presentation was to demystify it a little — explain some of the basics of using acrylic paints (thin your paints, take care of your brushes, and just make a damn wet palette already), explain a little bit about the theory behind what goes into flesh tones, and share some techniques as to how I go about placing those highlights and shadows.

So, without any further ado, here’s the slides from that presentation.

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