Privateer Press steals my idea!

Dear readers, I would like to alert you to the biggest travesty of Privateer Press’ CID program since the release of the Siege Animantarax. Clearly dissatisfied with their ability to come up with ideas on their own, the creative team at Privateer Press has decided to engage in bald-faced copying of my work. The pictures speak for themselves; on the left, you can see my Bombshell Battle Mechanik Officer, an original creation of mine kitbashed out of three or four different Privateer Press models and on the right, you can see some concept art for one of their models currently being tested in the Steelhead CID. As you can see, the resemblance is uncanny.


The legal department of Ice Axe Miniatures has been notified, and they will be working around the clock to prepare a blistering response.

Okay, but seriously…

I’m having some fun here with the uncanny resemblance between my model and the Ironhead (Steelhead Ironhead?) concept art, so I figured this might be a good time to revisit an older model.

This model is a conversion I did at least two years ago, using the Bombardier Bombshell as a base and arms from the Battle Mechanik Officer, as well as a few bits and bobs here and there. I fashioned a blowtorch out of parts from an Assault Kommando flamethrower and replaced the beer in her hand with a scratchbuilt wrench. Nothing too complicated, but it was an early entry into the kitbashing aspect of this hobby for me.

When it came to painting, she was my first attempt at something that might be close to display quality before I got into serious display painting. While she is on a gaming base, I remember when I painted her that my goal was to really push my abilities and do a good job. I remember the challenges of painting the skin tone and the tattoos on such a small model (with a 40mm base, the actual woman inside the armour was smaller than usual for a Warmachine miniature), and I made sure to incorporate highlights (even if they may not be the brightest highlights) and shadows on plenty of surfaces. I believe the base coat was laid down with my first airbrush, a single-action Badger 350 that a coworker who had long since given up the scale armour hobby had handed down to me.

Now, I think I’ve come a long way since then. A couple of the conversion parts were a little rough and the metallics are nowhere near my current skill level with true metallic metal. This was also long before I started really experimenting with weathering techniques, so aside from the spot of grease on her cheek, the model is a lot less dirty and dinged up than my more recent work. It’s interesting looking back on this model, one representing the pinnacle of my abilities at the time, and seeing how far I’ve come.


volkov.pngI did end up playing this character in a campaign where one of the perks was that we could build our own warcasters using IKRPG rules. Because Kommander Harkevich is my favourite character from the Warmachine universe, I envisioned her as Harkevich’s apprentice, Alexandra Volkov, a mechanic whose warcaster powers were discovered while she was doing repairs on Black Ivan. Like the Iron Wolf, she was assigned to Llael to defend the territorial integrity of East Khador from Cygnaran invaders. She ended up getting a lot of jack support spells, and feat that allowed her to swap upkeep spells around for free, allowing for more focus allocation on one key turn. While she performed admirably during the league, I couldn’t tell at the end of the day whether she was unplayable trash or OP bullshit, which are the only two things a model in Warmachine can be.


While this older miniature may not be quite up to my present standards, it does represent a certain progression on my hobby journey, and it’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination. As proof, I would point to the saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so clearly someone at Privateer Press is a big fan of my work.

PS: If Matt Wilson is reading this, I would consider settling any legal proceedings in exchange for a nice big royalty cheque or a free Khador colossal…

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