Last year’s resolutions…

Well, it’s the end of the year, so that means it’s time to take stock of my resolutions from last year and see how I did. Last time, I split this into two sections: hobby and gaming resolutions.

Gaming Resolutions

The amount of Warmachine I have been playing really dropped off at some point this year. I was playing weekly and going to tournaments at least monthly, but then I broke my hand back in spring, which put me out of commission for a couple months. The SOO was the biggest event I went to, but following that, the amount of time I actually got pushing my wardollies around shrunk and shrunk for a variety of reasons. As a result, my resolutions this year are a little hit and miss.

One of them was be a better opponent and learn not to get frustrated and keep having fun even when I’m losing. I think I’ve gotten better on that front. While I’m not perfect, there were a couple tournaments where I was able to recognize myself slipping and get myself back into the right headspace to give my opponent a fun game and enjoy myself a bit more. This year’s SOO, for example, I had a rough first game drawing Cryx in the first round and started getting frustrated, but turned it around quickly, and then had a blast the rest of the day, which culminated in one of the best games I’ve ever had.

As for getting better at moving my models, playing a perfectly “clean” game, and being able to make measurements to a gnat’s pube’s precision… I’m out of practice, so I’ve probably gotten worse on that front.


My most recent game… Sorscha3 vs. Madrak2. So many medium bases…

One of my other resolutions was to lower my salt intake, which I think did help keep. I unsubscribed from the Muse On Minis podcast network a while ago, and that actually increased my quality of life because I was no longer worried about Gaspy3 or Anamag or the next boogeyman list. Further, I wasn’t absorbing the negativity from things like Dominate For Two’s Khador episode, which was basically two hours about how I should get rid of my models and start over with a different faction.


Finally, I made a resolution to branch out and try more casters and factions. Well, I still only play Khador and Strakhov1 is still my homeboy on the rare occasion I get a game in, though I did get a Sorscha3 game in recently. I also did branch out in an unexpected way. I’ve picked up Necromunda, which really scratches my itch for a second game in a way that Guild Ball and Company of Iron didn’t.

Hobby Resolutions

Well, let’s take a look here. My first resolution was to do a diorama. And I completely failed at that. However, I did have an idea for what I would do if I were to do a diorama, so that counts, right? No? Okay, put one in the fail column.

IMG_2661Next was NMM, or non-metallic metal. I acutally did a couple pieces in NMM this year, though TMM is still my favourite technique and the one I am most comfortable with. Nancy Steelpunch was my first serious attempt at NMM, and I did some more advanced work on Maximus as part of a class I took this fall. So, that one is a success.

As for glazes and sketch style, while I have added glazes to my repertoire, as shown in my Amy Johnson and other pieces, I haven’t been all in on sketch style. To be honest, part of me feels like it was a bit of a fad that was so 2017. But the main reason why I haven’t been all gung-ho about it is that, I feel like most of the time, I don’t want to go from black to white on my shadows. Take green, for example. I generally want to go from blue in the shadows to yellow in the highlights instead of just adding black or white to shadow or highlight. But, sketch style doesn’t really allow me to do that unless I used coloured shadows and highlights for preshading… in which case, why bother with the sketch style at all?

IMG_0301While I have been doing something similar in my use of a purple to white transition as an undercoat for acrylic artist inks when painting yellow, and I still do zenithal prime, I just don’t see myself incorporating sketch style as a core technique.

As for ending the year with fewer unpainted miniatures than I started with… I think I was doing really well. I did go all in on the new Man-O-War releases from Privateer Press, but got most of them painted up. Same with my Necromunda gang. However, the wheels started to come off in October. Reaper had their Halloween promotions, Bad Squiddo did a clearance sale, and all my progress was wiped out. However, I did pretty much clear out all of the assembled but unpainted models in my collection for the Khador army. So, that’s good.

Finally, when it comes to posting an average of once per week, according to the statistics on this blog, this is the 48th article this year. So, I ended up a little shy of my goal, but didn’t do too badly. That said, I would like to get my content to be a little more regular — perhaps actually once a week instead of three weeks of nothing then three articles one after the other.


So, I managed to achieve about half my hobby and gaming resolutions this year. Which, in the grand scheme of things, probably isn’t bad. Some of these ended up more abandoned than failed, as I went in a different direction on my hobby journey. However, regardless of resolutions, I feel like this was a great year for me. I really advanced my skills in a lot of ways. I pushed into a larger scale, doing two busts and two 75mm-ish scale figures. I took up gunpla and had some fun with that, as well as some military scale modelling. I explored a lot of new weathering techniques. I managed to win some awards at competitions, and come away from Sword and Brush with two silvers and a bronze. It was an amazing year of growth, and I can’t wait to see what I manage to accomplish next year…


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