Ice Axe Miniatures is my repository for thoughts, updates, and my progress on the wonderful hobby of painting miniatures and playing with our war-dollies.

Aside from a childhood fascination with model airplanes that has left me with trauma upon hearing the word “Testors” and a brief attempt at painting Reaper’s first Bones kickstarter, I got into this hobby in a serious way in 2016.  Since then, I’ve been working at developing my skills, primarily on my ever-expanding purple Khador army.

I’ve found kicking back with some miniatures to be a wonderfully relaxing hobby.  There is something that just feels good about turning a hunk of plastic or pewter into a good-looking painted piece.  Even if two months later you learn new techniques that makes your previous work pale in comparison.

I’m not the best painter, but I like to think that I have something to offer, so come aboard and join me as we embark on this fantastical journey together, where we learn new techniques, build our skills, and perhaps one day defeat the unpainted grey hordes.